Quality, tradition and flavor.

Our Origins

Dismyl is a company which has its origins in the distribution of food products. Over time, the company has specialized itself in the world of bakery and pastry, consolidating several manufacturing lines and always offering the highest standards in quality and taste.
We have been able to diversify, expand the range of our products and improve our facilities to offer our customers the best variety of products without forgetting our premises of quality and tradition.

Miguel Suena Managing director

Dismyl has several well-differentiated product lines helping us to cover every sector and diversify our offer while maintaining high quality values. All within the food sector, we have different brands aimed at different market segments.

Dulsia   Premium line of bakery products.

Horno Casavieja   Traditional bakery.

Vegansoul  Vegan food product line.

We sweeten
your life


We work with the best products and the best raw materials to maintain our high quality standards.


As we are both producers and distributors, we can offer more competitive prices as well as a more personalized service.


We use the latest technology with handmade récipes; we unify tradition with new means of production.


We have the best professionals allowing us to work offering the highest quality standards.



We are producers as well as distributors! You can contact us if you are interested on selling our products; contact the manufacturers directly and we will adapt ourselves to your needs!